DruxtJS Entity

Drupal Display Mode powered Entity and Field Vue.js component system.

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The DruxtJS Entity module provides a Drupal Display Mode powered Entity and Field component system for your NuxtJS application.

# The DruxtEntity component

Druxt Entity provides a Vue.js component to render a Drupal Entity.

<DruxtEntity :type="resourceType" :uuid="uuid" mode="displayMode" />

Get started with the Guide and API Documentation.

# Druxt component

The DruxtEntity component is compatible with the DruxtJS component theming system:

<Druxt module="entity" :props-data="{ type, uuid, mode }" :wrapper="wrapper">

See the Druxt component documentation (opens new window) for more information.

# DruxtJS

DruxtJS is a suite of modules to connect a Drupal (opens new window) JSON:API backend to a NuxtJS (opens new window) frontend.

Find out more at https://druxtjs.org (opens new window)